Monday, April 18, 2016

Ribbon Test Faces

Going for that late 80's/early 90's kinda vibe, probably more 90's than anything.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More resprites (more Lemuelan related enemies)

Right, we have on the top the original Lemuelan Champion & Lemuelan Governor, and below them the new versions. The left is the 1:1, while on the right is at 200% zoom. The governor seems to be a lot more evil and pudgy looking, doesn't he?

Yeah a long, long time ago I decided no palette swaps or head swaps, but haven't gotten around to respriting everything, or correcting certain things, so the Lemuelans weren't updated until, well today. Well, two of them at least. There's still more that need fixings.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Faris: Odds & Ends from the last 2 or 3 days.

 Okay, I know these are small, but that's the original 1:1 work size I do these in.
Top Row: Immortal Crocodile colour variant 2, Immortal Crocodile original colour, Zutu.
Bottom Row: Brindi & Fairy, Fairy, Mock Fairy

Zutu I should mention was based on a picture created by P. Yoshi, who I've discussed in the past. See actual work by the ol' Yosh here (though not the sketch I used as a basis for the abomination I call Zutu.)

Lemuelan Monster: Eventually I'll get it right!

Welp, when I made it I wasn't very good at making things. I think I've gotten a little better, so I went back to retry it. The fabled "Lemuelan Monster" that appears in the shrunken areas of my Faris game has a new sprite~

Left is original version. Middle is a resprite I did this afternoon, but then I compared it to other sprites and realized that both it (and the original) were far too small, so I sat down about an hour or so ago to redo it, and got distracted, showered, and eventually came out and finished the one on the right.

EDIT: I've realized only after posting the next post I uploaded the wrong image of the finished Lemuelan Monster (right one) and posted an in progress version instead. It's essentially the same save for some resizing clean up on the legs and such. I'll include it in a later update, but for now I must go~

EDIT II: And there we go - correct version uploaded.