Monday, December 31, 2012

The Top 60verse Keywords of 2012

According to the numbers, this is what my audience wants.
These are the top keywords, according to the blogspot stater, to type if you want to find this site.
Also happy last post of 2012.

Hulk penis. That's my money maker right there.
Hulk penis.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays P. Yoshi!

A li'l diddly I did for a pal, P. Yoshi. Small & double size versions.

A Present from Kyzra/TRUEfoe

This made my day, so I'm sharing it here. This is from the same secret santa that the earlier post was for. This is from TRUEfoe/Kyzra, and it is made of awesome. I swear, I get the best secret santa gifts XD

Merry Christmas (For The Horde...)

I hope I'm not ruining anything, as this is a Secret Santa gift for someone at a forum (Shigi's forum) I frequent, but I don't think they even know this place exists. Either way, it's meant to be an orc from World of Warcraft dressed in a Santa suit.

Also, thanks to P.Yoshi for giving me pointers, such as telling me that "for the Horde" was a sort of catchphrase. I've never played World of Warcraft, and was guessing. He also, without knowing it, helped me get the proper face for a WoW orc. My original had a much more piggish/bat-like snout, and much larger ears.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Puppy

Spriting with a hand brace pt 3
Unless I get bored in a few, this is the last of my attempts to sprite with a hand brace on. Not at all that easy to do. It's more difficult than I expected, and unfortunately I might have to get used to this :(


Spriting with a hand brace pt 2.
A dwizarf is a dwarf wizard? Or a considerate typo. One or the other.

Another Me

Spriting with a hand brace pt 1
Wasn't intended to be, but it looked like a self portrait real quick, so hey - whatevers.

Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Favorite LGBT Themed Comics

So here's another for the 10 Favorites category, which have all been comic book related for some reason. Well, why stop now? Specifically my ten favorite LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) themed comics. Not heroes, but actual comics.

Now not all of these might be politically correct, and there's at least one on the list that could count as very offensive, but none the less we're doing this. Well, I'm doing this. You're just reading. Well, hopefully you are. Else I'm talking to myself right now. Anyway, hit the jump.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

CoSQ, Chapter Eight: Chapter Eight: Turns Out, We're Not That Hard to Fool

And here we have chapter eight, where we round out the major players in the story by meeting more important (at least in the story to come) Committee members. I honestly don't have much more to say, except that there's another shout out to Lovecraft (of sorts) and also a shout out to the Slender Man heh.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

CoSQ, Chapter Seven: I'm sorry, Mr. Polis

Hey, we've caught up! This is all I've got written so far. So, for chapter seven we get another flash back. Gee, 7 chapters and 3 of them are pretty much entirely flashbacks. Is that a bad thing? I'm not sure. We follow a new character now, someone we have already met but did not delve into, so that's fun. I hope.

CoSQ, Chapter Six: Did You Think It Was Saint Peter

 Chapter six gives us a name for a character we've already met, but haven't had much to call them by, though it'll still be a bit confusing. The naming convention is not retroactive, so when we jump to the past in future flashbacks, expect other names. That's the game I play, I s'pose. Either way, if you're reading this, hope you enjoy~

CoSQ, Chapter Five: Either That or Aliens

Hey, here we are at chapter - wait, what am I up to now? Oh yes, chapter five. Awesome. You're probably not reading these, and that's fine, but if you were then you'd get to meet the Committee members of 1979.

CoSQ, Chapter Four: The Devil is Under the Bed

So here we have chapter four! And what would chapter four happen to bring? Oh, just the introduction of a very special thing that hasn't had many hugs in it's lifetime.

You get to meet "it" as it's known in this chapter, and get ready. You're going to be seeing more of it in the future. And no, it isn't a clown.

CoSQ, Chapter Three: It Hurts so Bad You Don't Hear Yourself Screaming

So now we're at chapter three. I'm just posting all seven finished chapters while I'm here. In this chapter we come across a series of dreams involving onions.

CosQ, Chapter Two: Oh God, That's Creepy

Alright, here we have chapter two! We'll get to meet some of the Committee members, and learn something strange about auditor Lauren Barr.

the Committee of Special Questions, Chapter One: If You Commit Suicide, I'll Kill You

If you saw the last post, you'll know I've started participating in NaNoWriMo this year, my third time going. The first year I 'won' by hitting 50,000 words, though the story remains unfinished. The second year I dropped out due to time constraints in the first four or five days. This year I plan on not only hitting the 50,000 word goal, but also having an end to the story!

This is the first chapter, it contains everything in the last post (I might have edited part of it) and then some. It was written during November 1st and November 2nd.

Note: This was posted before, however I had to redo my NaNoWriMo entry after becoming stumped and haven written myself into a corner. As such I went back and edited a lot of the already written material, so chapter one may be different or it may be the same. There were only 4 views, so I'm not that worried heh.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dame Bear

Don't ask me how, but in some crazy way this was inspired by replaying Mighty Jill Off. I couldn't tell you why. I really couldn't.

Random Faris Adventure Enemies

Yeah, totally based on Final Fantasy baddies... :\
And there's more after the jump!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My 10 Favorite Sensational She-Hulk Comic Covers

Simply sensational...
It's called a "distaff counterpart." You take a character, often male, swap out the gender and introduce them as a whole new character. There are numerous examples and reasons for this. For the sake of gaining a newer and wider audience, Mattel & Filmation did it with the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe franchise when they introduced She-Ra. To create It could be a case of the writer having fun, and for once not being lazy, as was the case with Marvel Comic's Deadpool meeting numerous alternate versions of himself, including a distaff counterpart in Lady Deadpool. Or it could be seen as a way of sexualizing an already overly sexualized character without having to deal with all the homophobia in an already overtly macho industry, as was the case with Wolverine and the female X-23. Or it could be done to secure royalty rights, as was the reasoning behind She-Hulk, the distaff counterpart of Marvel Comic's Hulk character, intended to ensure CBS' possible & rumored spin-off series featuring a female Hulk would net them some money.

And while, to be fair, most distaff counterparts are treated rather lazily, with few exceptions, She-Hulk is one of the few that truly stands out. Instead of trying to simply create gender biased/flavored stories featuring a Hulk with tits, She-Hulk ended up with a title known as the Sensational She-Hulk, which took the character of Jennifer Walters, one time lawyer and now green skinned glamazon, the farthest away from the the Incredible Hulk comics. Granted, because of the whole "with tits" thing, there would be sex appeal (they are comics after all,) the true stand out was humor. Often found on the covers. So to celebrate the individuality of the title's run, which happens to be one of my favorite books of the late 80's & early to mid 90's, here's a look at my ten favorite comic covers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So my usual laptop is busted. And for some reason my mouse doesn't work on the other one, so I gotta use that little finger pad thing. And this is the result of that heh.

Watching NY1

So while waiting for my laptop to get fixed (again) I'm on the other lapie watching New York 1, NYC's only 24 hour local news station (cheap plug!) and sprited the above.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Campbell's Honors Andy Warhol

Image originally from
It was 50 years ago this year that Andy Warhol unveiled the now infamous Campbell's Soup Cans (32 Campbell's Soup Cans.) Along with more famous variations including the altered unrealistic color changes that have become, to many (possibly even myself) a definitive, if not the definitive Warhol piece.

Now the Campbell Soup Company is putting out special edition cans featuring some of the iconic color choices Warhol put together. And for only 75¢ at that. I'm definitely going to be picking these up, and just felt like sharing the news.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Homonculus (Rejected Enemy Redone!)

I figured I'd try to redo the rejected enemy from before, and this time keep it as an enemy in Faris Adventure. I think I'll include the smaller one that started the whole thing, as a separate enemy as well.

Another Rejected Faris Adventure enemy

The last post started out as my attempt to do an enemy called "Meatshield" (or Elven Meatshield rather) but I ended up going off on a tangent and made that weird humanoid thing. I attempted to get out of my pixeling rut and try to use the so-called meaty shield and make the elven meatshield bad guy after all - and this monstrosity was birthed. I threw in the other elven enemies for comparison.
So yeah, injured wrist + spriter's block = this. Unfortunate heh.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rejected Faris Adventure Enemy

With the wrist injured, and a self imposed deadline looming, I've reached the sad point of worthless edits to my already made Faris Adventure enemies, in an attempt to make the others - though I decided not to use this in the game, I'm posting it regardless.
Body based on the neutered Gladiator sprites.

Injured Wrist Doodle 2

Injured Wrist Doodle 1

Faris from Faris Adventure, drawn with an injured wrist lol.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MSPaint Brush Test

I've never used the brush tools in MSPaint, and my hand is near-crippled at the moment (lulz) so here's a really shitty attempt to see how they work.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My 10 Favorite Spider-Man Looks

Trying something new here, thought it might be interesting...
Does whatever a spider can...
Spider-Man's has had a lot of different looks in his soon-to-be 50 years of publication. Some of these different looks involved simply a wardrobe change, others a transformation and even more actually involved alternate dimensions. Hell, some even included imposters. So here at the sixtyverse we're going to take a look at 10 of my favorite Spider-Man outfits, transformations and over all appearances. Hit the jump, and swing right on in.