Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Parts of a Secret Santa gift

So 2 years ago for a secret Santa I made a sort of point and click styled game, and this year I made another one due to the request. These are some select bits from it.

Props to Bufkus, who was my Secret Santa and jokingly asked for a "Leeble hunting game" and props to Laura Shigihara who created the leebles, and was fine with me messing around with them on her website as such.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

2 more Faris things

 So Lavania and her servant which got -way- too big, cause I got carried away, so I might resize Lavania. There's no way I can resize him, it'll just suck... Then again the servant is it's own boss fight and Lavania is a seperate one, so that might work?
Lavania is an edit of an earlier sprite that I have no idea if I posted or not, but basically I just edited the weapon.

Four more Faris guys cause I'm a fool (some resprites)

The last two are a resprite (left) and an edit (right), but considering I was really unhappy with the originals I'm glad I made some changes. The first one was gonna be a replacement, a completely new enemy to replace an alternate of the mandrake (the resprite) but I made it too big for the scene, so now it's it's own thing, cause I like it too much to kill. The top right thing was just goofing around, but I have room despite having SO MANY DAMN THINGS, so it's in too lol.