Thursday, December 31, 2015

So I'm sneaking in one more

This of course goes with the last post, which if you compare you'll see lots of the same/similar things.
The bird thing with the human head isn't quite as good I think this time around.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Random Concepts to kill 2015 with

Just some random doodles for fun, and figured I probably need to say 'last post of 2015' because it's, well, it's something stupid I do.

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Wizard from Faris as reimagined by P.Yoshi, reimagined by me~

So Faris' antagonist, the Wizard, has a certain look that can appear when you battle him. P.Yoshi, whom if you're a regular here you'll be familiar with, at least in passing, happened to get me for the Secret Santa event this year, at a particular forum. I happened to get Yoshi's name too, so my gift was in the last post, but I really -REALLY- liked the complete and total re-imagining of the Wizard Lovecraftian inspired head look, so I wanted to try to sprite it in Faris style. I took a few liberties, not nearly as much as Yoshi took, but I hope it does their version justice, since it is just so awesome.

Oh, speaking of Yoshi's; look how awesome!
Click to see full size, cause it's so awesome you really should see it~
Putting it here so you can compare.
Also, look how bad ass Faris looks! All decked out in gear and giving the Wizard his best "I'm tired of your nonsense" kinda look, it's just so adorable. I love the hair.

Wow that's a lot of tags...

Secret Santa 2015 for P.Yoshi

Anyone whose a regular here at this blog would know that I do a lot of P.Yoshi's characters, and we've collaborated once or twice. Luck, or misfortune, would have it that I got P.Yoshi for a Secret Santa this year, and incidentally, randomness (as it is claimed lol) would have it that P.Yoshi actually got my name as well. This was the image I did for P.Yoshi, whose gift for me is in the next upcoming blog post.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Random Faris Bits

Apparently forgot this one too, which is older than much of the last batch.
Was attempting to reconfigure the tablet after it stopped working for over a year, and to do so doodled some Faris monsters.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

King Pillows

Last night, forgot to slip this in, it was another request from P.Yoshi, King Pillows, the class pet rabbit from Silver Pins, though I added the crown else it would just be a rabbit~

BTW did you know I used to be TERRIFIED of rabbits?
I blame Watership Down. As a kid, both the book & film horrified me.

Duncan Mills

Duet Images again (possible nsfw warning)

P.Yoshi did line art, and I coloured it, again.

Cyclops in Love sketch

Same concept behind these li'l sprites.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


I was screwing around just for fun to figure out a hypothetical cover to a hypothetical story, and came up with this as a mock up. Though I like it more than I thought I would.

Appy Birfday Astra

On a forum, I noticed it was someone's birthday, and I felt like being a nice 60. They're a fan of WoW, and the character Illidan, both of whch I am wholly unfamiliar with. But I Googled around for a minute and put this together based on what I saw last night.

Again 'Appy Birfday~

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Was meant to be named "stuff.png" but I typo'd~ Just a little no forethought comic for fun. There are a LOT of problems with sequential sense and proportions, I know, but still.

Nombies are Zombies who didn't know which way was up (at first)

Guess who got their tablet working again~