Saturday, December 21, 2013

Leave Me Alone: The Story of Annabel Hout

Click to view full size, and I was planning on colouring it, but I'm sick so I'm just stopping here.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Herowin: Prologue

Okay, let's see how this works, shall we? It's NanoWriMo time again, which means that it's time to write another little story.

Once again, I'm going without a net. No real plans or advanced set ups. Just writing what comes when it comes, and it's fairly annoying lol. I can't update this normally, as I am bouncing from chapter to chapter. Also the fact that I know I'm going to go back and hit this up again, to add things like descriptions, fix some of the dragging and so on.

Still, I'll update what I can and what not, and we'll see how it comes. We're 13 days in, I'm taking a break from writing today's portion (I'm at a total of 23,944 words - almost half way to the goal) and it's going very slow, but I'm not complaining.

So here's the prologue to "Herowin" (holding title) and we'll go from there, eh? It's apparently a straight fantasy, with witches and what not, which despite my gaming preference with fantasy settings is something I don't write, and so this is new to me. Enjoy? Maybe? Yeah, why not, enjoy~

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I see you little bug. Do you see me?

None of these last few were cropped, sorry. Click to view full size if needed.

The Poking Dead

Click to view full size if wanted.

Otto in Springtime

Suggested Drawing

Click to view full size (I forgot to crop.) I asked what to draw on Skype and this is kind of what was suggested, sort of. It was really just draw some young, and preferably female, as I rarely draw either. And cause I've been reading Neil Gaiman's the Sandman, and had been going through old gothy stuff, it came out like this.

Something Light

I Have Faces

Oldie Goldie

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Comic Sneak Peak #2

Click for full scale (though you don't need to.) This is partially unfinished, as I cleaned up some of the bleeding colours and what not. Comic coming, probably 2014, but who knows, maybe this December.