Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yoshi's 'Welcome Home' redone by me.

And while you can check out P.Yoshi's awesome art by clicking here, I've uploaded it below for ease.
I love that pic, and was apprehensive about doing my version of it, but talking to Yoshi over Skype, I said I'd do any of the pics, and this one was tossed at me, so I tried my best.

Spider Clown

Talking to the fantastical P.Yoshi over Skype again led to me attempting to do a character Yoshi had made a long time ago, though my version is a bit different.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Still trying to play with that style. It came so close to being a Rob Liefeld like character with pouches and two huge enormous guns instead.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunday, June 19, 2016

King of the Sympathies

Done in the style I've been experimenting with as of late. The bottom one with the pink background is the 'Ribbon styled' original version.

This more cartoony & detailed stylings, I've been having fun as a sort of 'redesign' that some games go through. There's a character, it clearly looks like this. But when they redo it, they change it very much. I'm enjoying experimenting with that, for the sake of the false/manufactured effect of that.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Character for Yoshi

I told Yoshi, who diligent readers of mine (who don't exist~) would recognize the name of, I was gonna design a character to fit into the "Yoshiverse" and this is what I put together. Tried to draw it in a more anime style that Yoshi likes, but meh. Anime is not my strong suit.


Whole lotta practice pixels based on Faris enemies

Click for full sizes, though when you do you'll be seeing them at 200% zoom since that's how I saved them for whatever reason.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Oh right, I attempted crappy title screens... /sigh/

THESE ARE ENORMOUS (and prove why I shouldn't actually attempt title screens and/or logos) so click for full size at your own peril and what nots.

Other odds & ends from last month.

Man I shoulda updated this more often but alas...

Be Wary of the Butcher

Just made this about an hour ago. Got bored, and this is what happened.

Animation tests.

 If you've checked this blog out and have an AMAZING memory, like never forget a thing kinda memory, you'll remember this guy. I realized I never tested the animation so I did the other week.
And then I found the first animation test I ever made, so there's that too~

Sympathy Demons in another style.

I love the Sympathy Demons, they're quickly becoming my -favorite- enemy in these things. They're from a side project I worked on for like a month and a half. Here's the original versions:
 Such doofy faces~

Random Faris Shit for Last Month

 Redoing some of the old sprites that were still palette swaps & what not. Thought I was done doing this crap but then I found more.