Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Drew Too Many Cute Things Lately

Had to purge...

Build a Little World With Me

 Yet another Rakuen image. IT'S RAKUEN WEEK?! D:
(Click for full size.) Notes below the jump if needed.

Rakuen 1 Year Anniversary Tribute Album work

Hit the jump for the full work.

Rakuen Discord Chat Dump

Shigi's Rakuen hit it's 1 year anniversary 5 or so days ago, some peoples did some nice little things, which I'll post my part in a moment, and I missed the majority of the chat event, but got in in the dying hours. Conversation ended up touching on Winnie the Pooh for some reason, and I drew the top left pic, and started drawing more, each image getting bigger and bigger as it went lol.

It was hysterical hearing the whole chat just slowly devolve from whatever topic was being done to hear 1 by 1 everyone going "awwwww~" lol.