Tuesday, January 28, 2014


In both original pink background which I use for everything it seems, and darker blue background.
Space suit based on a design originally done by Yoshi, and I ended up going all weird by creating a new base, spriting it out, making weapons, poses, alternates, etc and stole all sorts of yoshi thunder, all while renaming it SPACEHOUND because why not? lol

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yoshi's Character

Drawing one of Yoshi's characters again.

Pirate Doodle

Whee Redraw

Neko (whose own blog I have to get the link to again to share in the link section) has been drawing versions of my sprites, so I drew a version of her own creation. I didn't like the tail so I made a tailess version as well.

don't mind me i'm just a bit shy

if you touch my cookie i will -so help me god- fuck your ass up with fire and brimstone

i watch you pee from inside the toilet

i had three wishes, and htis is what i did

In a few years, he'll sell car insurance

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Heheheh I have a FROG on my HEAD

I'm apparently in a art spar with Yoshi (just check out the PHG tag or check out this DA page) going back and forth drawing each other's dealios.

An Old Count

Do you have your library card?


Man, I drew a lot today...


I Do Believe You Owe Me A Fishie

Lizzy: with and without hat.

I wasn't sure which I liked better D:

If it wasn't for this cat, this would be an easy decision

'Appy new year?