Hey, what's up? I'm sixtyandaquarter, real name Mark K. Stewart III, and occasionally known as Remark Watts, Jacket, SoHoInBrooklyn, Cup o' Wisps and probably a few dozen more horrible online handles. But most of my friends just call me 60. But hey - if you'd like calling me that, I'd like that too.

I'm an artist, or at least I try to be, though it's mostly pixel art or digital painting that you'll see here. I have attempted to write, and other creative nonsense, but who hasn't?

I am an indiedev working on a few things at once, on account of an attention span the size of (insert suddenly distracted by something else joke here.) You'll see sprites from that junk here.

And that's pretty much what this li'l blog is. Me posting the crappy crap I made. So yeah. Enjoy? Somehow?

@60point25 because @sixtyandaquarter wouldn't fit.

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