Saturday, August 31, 2013


Click to view at original size. Don't know why I'm saying that, I think most people have that figured out, but oh wells, I didn't have much else to say.

Tarted-Up Whore

That arm is soooo wonky lol. The name was not my own, I was going to call this "Pink."Yeah, I'm not original with names half the time.

The Loving Mr. Ted

Someone was telling me bout this program called Comics Creator/Manga Studio or whatever, and for some reason I gave it a shot. This was the result.

One Hug Please

I have no idea... I can't colour for crap.

Those Lips Are Evil

From a test strip, and named after a passing by comment someone else made (two others, for the record~)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tablet Test pt 2

And now for a basic test using only a basic brush. I think this came out pretty good, honestly. Yeah, zombies.

Tablet Test

So, I'm testing out my new tablet, and this is what came out. My old tablet has gotta be a decade old, and things are so smoother/more sensitive these days. I did kind of cheat by using some of the brushes, but oh wells.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Take a Left on Elm

Oh, it's been far too long. Sorry bout that my non-existent audience, but I had some health problems followed up by a hard drive error that required i replacement. That and what I've been working on can't be posted. Anyway, here's a hatless Freddy Krueger.

Made a cheap edit, and I like it better now: